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About Us
Our Consultants and staff bring to 44 Benefit Solutions the values and beliefs they have practiced over the years. We place a high value on people and relationship with our mission to become the trusted partner to each of our clients.

Pension Services
Pensions are one of the most important areas of reward, however many employers face the constant struggle to balance the cost of their employee benefits programme against the value enjoyed by their staff.
This is only the beginning.  The challenges facing employers have never been greater.  We can use our experience to guide you through the minefields of legislation to meet all the legal requirements and expectations of the Regulator.
Through our corporate governance work we ensure that the benefits remain fit for purpose, assist the employer to fulfil all its obligations and provide a forum for introducing new ideas.  Every employer has a duty to auto enrol its employees into a pension scheme.  We offer a comprehensive package of advice and support to help companies make auto enrolment a success.
44 Benefit Solutions is able to provide a range of services either in isolation or as part of a complete support function.  Our services include;

  • Consultancy
  • Governance
  • Pension administration
  • Pension scheme implementation

 Auto Enrolment
As of October 2012 employers are now legally obliged to automatically enrol their employees into a workplace pension scheme.
44 Benefit Solutions can provide the solutions to enable you to meet your duties as an employer.  Although auto enrolment poses a major change to employers we at 44 Benefit Solutions believe companies gain the best advantage if auto enrolment is incorporated in to a company’s ongoing reward programme.
44 Benefit Solutions can support you through auto enrolment in the following areas;

  • Initial auto enrolment review
  • Auto enrolment action plan
  • Pension scheme design
  • Provider review
  • Project management and implementation
  • Communication exercise

Risk Services
Our staff have many years’ experience in working with clients to find solutions tailored to each client’s objectives.  For corporate clients this may be a re-design of their employee benefits package so that it motivates and rewards staff, is cost effective and placed with the best suppliers.

44 Benefit Solutions can provide support and design for insured risk benefits such as Private Medical Insurance, Group Life Assurance and Income Protection arrangements.

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